Corn Stacks
Corn Stacks

Corn Stacks

Corn StacksIf you’re in the habit of poking around old farm ruins, you may come across what look like stone mushrooms, comprising of a pillar and flat round top. If…

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Achill Notes

Achill Notes We enjoyed a few pleasant days last week on Achill: sea swimming, hill climbing and coastal exploring. Thanks to Aoife & Paul McNamara for their hospitality. Happy also…

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Placenames on Connemara Mountains Map
Placenames Connemara

Placenames on Connemara Mountains Map

Placenames on the Connemara Mountains Map I’ve taken a different approach to the placename content of our new Connemara Mountains map. For other maps we’ve published I’ve devoted a fair…

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Auto Mapping New Zealand
Computer Mapping Sample

Auto Mapping New Zealand

Auto Mapping New Zealand There have been some interesting developments in medium scale ‘computer generated mapping’ in Finland and New Zealand in the last year or so. These have been…

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Binn a’ tSaighdiúra

Binn a' tSaighdiúra The astute user of maps of the Twelve Bens will be familiar with the name Binn a' tSaighdiúra and it’s location roughly halfway between Binn Chorr (Bencorr)…

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EastWest Maps Android Update

Some users of our EastWest Maps phone app for Android devices may find it has stopped working on their device. If so, please go to the Google PlayStore and download…

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Costa del Dublin

Costa del Dublin I’m currently working my way through South County Dublin, recompiling our mapping to our 25Series standard. Started in the west over near Rathcoole and now approaching Dun…

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Mulnahogue Thanks to everyone who has purchased our newly released Connemara Mountains map. It’s been well received to date and please continue to spread the word. I’ll deal with…

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Connemara Mountains Map

Connemara Mountains Map I’m happy to advise that our new Connemara Mountains 1:25,000 is now available. Covid19 has delayed publication by over two months but better late than never! Definitive…

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EastWest Maps App Updates

EastWest Maps App Updates This to advise customers that updated versions of our EastWest Maps phone app running on both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices will shortly be available.…

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