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Apologies if you were trying to access this site 1-4 August 2013. Our web hosting provider had a serious systems failure - all should be OK now.

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Walking festival in Bunclody

On the Saturday of Bunclody’s Gathering Week (July27), some walks are being organised in the Blackstairs Mountains, which act as a beautiful backdrop to the town. From these hills on…

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Difficulty Ordering?

If you are experiencing any difficulties ordering and are using Windows Internet Explorer to browse the internet, then if practical please try another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.…

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God’s Well

From Clive: I went up and found God's Well using your new info.... It's a spring, with exceptionally clear water. May or may not have had stonework around it, its…

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Kanturk, Brown Mountain and Scarr

Where is Kanturk and Brown Mountain? I've always thought that Kanturk was the area of low hillocks and crags, opposit Cloghoge and overlooking the Inchavore but I've discovered recently that this…

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