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Stone Man ~ Galtees

Stone Man ~ Galtees

The Stone Man and his smaller neighbour, An Leanbh ~ the child pictured here on the broad spur called Munaleathan that descends in a northerly direction from Galtymore direction. Móin Leathan ~ the broad or wide boggy area terminates at this large cairn, the Stone Man and his smaller neighbours, an Leanbh ~ the child. Another cairn an Garsún ~ the boy lies out of sight nearby.

There are many such cairns on the Irish hills, particularly in Leinster & Munster that go by the name Stone Man or Fear Bréige ~ Farbreague in Irish, meaning false man.

Thanks to Mariusz Zaremba for the photo. These places and lots more all feature on our Galtee 1:25000 scale map.

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