War Hill

War Hill is a round boggy summit adjacent to Djouce (usually spelt Douce on older maps). War Hill is an odd but old name, found on the earliest detailed map…

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I like standard time or natural time. I like the idea that the concepts of noon, midday or midnight have some basis in reality. In standard time, we have roughly…

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Enniskerry 1850

Enniskerry 1850

Enniskerry 1850 Here’s an interesting map of Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow dated 1850. The village was part of the extensive Powerscourt Estate which encompassed all of Glencree and extended to Sally Gap.…

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Clahoppeen This is the Clahoppeen rock, it features a few times in the notes left by Liam Price and must have been a notable landmark for local hill farmers in…

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