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Flooded Valley

Flooded Valley

I’m currently recompiling map detail around Poulaphuca Reservoir or Blessington Lakes. This large body of water was created in 1940, following construction of a dam and hydro electric scheme at…

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Lough Mountain

I have reported here previously that the hill overlooking Kellys Lough in Co.Wicklow is locally called the Lough Mountain. This is erroneously labelled as Corrigasleggaun on some maps. This name…

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Wicklow & Wales

Wicklow & Wales

About a week ago, Bernadette Danaher posted photos taken by her brother from the South Stack lighthouse, near Holyhead in Wales. The photos were taken at dusk with the sun…

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War Hill

War Hill is a round boggy summit adjacent to Djouce (usually spelt Douce on older maps). War Hill is an odd but old name, found on the earliest detailed map…

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I like standard time or natural time. I like the idea that the concepts of noon, midday or midnight have some basis in reality. In standard time, we have roughly…

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