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Wild & Wet

The past weekend brought stormy weather with wild winds and soaking rain to many Irish hills. This photo here is courtesy of Ambrose in Hike &, who was instructing…

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If you ran the IMRA (Irish Mountain Running Association) Wicklow Way Half Marathon last Sunday, you should have received one of these unique buffs/ snoods as a reward for your…

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You’ll often come across birch trees growing on the edge of bogs in upland areas. They are a colonising tree, one of the early trees to get established on cleared…

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Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce as a tree species gets a bad rap in Ireland. Making up c 45% of commercial plantations and grown sometimes as near monocultures – various labels are put…

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Wicklow & Wales

Wicklow & Wales

About a week ago, Bernadette Danaher posted photos taken by her brother from the South Stack lighthouse, near Holyhead in Wales. The photos were taken at dusk with the sun…

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I like standard time or natural time. I like the idea that the concepts of noon, midday or midnight have some basis in reality. In standard time, we have roughly…

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Irish Peaks

Irish Peaks

Irish Peaks A new book ‘Irish Peaks’ has recently been published by Mountaineering Ireland and will be of interest to readers here who like to climb hills. This is a…

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