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Litter & Dumping

Some small scale littering/ dumping in a local wood near us. I find it hard to understand why people still think it’s OK to throw a couple of bags of domestic rubbish out of their car door. At least half the contents of this lot are recyclable including glass & tins and you’d drive past a bottle bank to get to this spot. Here it’s easy to pick up and put in with our own rubbish/ recycling and I’d encourage everyone to pick up small scale littering like this in the countryside as litter just attracts more litter.

On a related matter, EastWest Mapping maps generally have a phone number printed on them to allow for the reporting and hopefully collection of larger scale dumping. For those who frequent the Dublin & Wicklow hills, this valuable service is provided by the Pure Project However their contact phone number has changed recently to 1800 365123, so no harm to take a pen out and update the number on your maps and/or store in phone.