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Kippure Estate Update

Kippure Estate Update

Tim & Della Kyne developed Kippure House into an adventure/ event/ conference centre back in the early 2000s. Called Kippure Estate it offered school tours, corporate days out, weddings etc. Of note to map users is a good footbridge over the River Liffey which is handy in times of flood. Food available and parking etc.

It was sold a few years back and the new investor further developed with paths and facilities. However it has come to my attention that the Department of Children, Integration etc has a contract in place for the past year for the provision of emergency accommodation at Kippure Estate etc. In connection with this, there is now strict security on the gate etc. In emergency I’d think there would be no issue with using the footbridge to cross the Liffey in flood. But in practice, the area is best avoided, so please take note.

If you have a copy of our Dublin Mountains or Wicklow West map, you might compare with the revised map detail here and take notes.

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