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EastWest Maps App Updates

EastWest Maps App Updates

This to advise customers that updated versions of our EastWest Maps phone app running on both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices will shortly be available. I’m advising you now in case you wish to retain the current version. Otherwise it may auto update depending on your device settings. We’ve had a few ongoing reports of crashes and other difficulties on both platforms. On Apple devices related to iOS 13 update and on Android to varying implementations by different manufacturers.

Since EastWest Mapping is a small business with limited resources, I have chosen to focus on the core functionality of the EastWest Maps app. This is to display our detailed mapping on mobile devices and in conjunction with Location Services, to show your current location. This to work in a battery efficient manner, offline and in areas with no mobile signal. This is all you need when using the mapping to find your way, to locate yourself and monitor your progress.

The GPS recording facilities have been removed for the present. I’m aware that many users like to track their routes and produce statistics of distance travelled etc. A separate phone app can be used for this: for example ‘GPX Tracker’ on Apple devices or ‘Geo Tracker’ on Android. Personally for regular use, I would recommend a basic GPS device such as the Garmin eTrex, these generally have low battery requirements and can run continuously for long periods.

You can view a Help file for the new Android EastWest Maps app at:

You can view a Help file for the new Apple iOS EastWest Maps app at:

The EastWest Maps app is a free download from the App Store or Play Store. There is a free test map of Clare Island and other maps are acquired as in app purchases.

Customers who purchase our digital maps for EastWest Maps can receive free updates. I propose to do this on an annual basis in January. Any changes, amendments and additions made during the year will then appear on the updated digital version. For users of our North Wicklow digital map, please note I’m currently working on recompiling this map and it will hopefully be available around the end of this year or early 2021. Even though it’ll be a brand new map, it will be a free update as agreed, since the existing version is a stopgap. Indeed I’m aware that the detail on our current North Wicklow map is a bit loose in places, grand for general navigation but less so for fine detail.

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  1. Richard Hennessy

    I am very disappointed that you have withdrawn the recording facilities.I wouldnt have purchased it if i knew you could do this .I will not be purchasing further maps which was my intention.I now regret not using view ranger

    1. Barry Dalby

      Hello Richard, I regret that you are disappointed and have written you a detailed reply. It bears repeating that the EastWest Maps app is free, what you have purchased is the best and most detailed map of the region with ongoing free updates. This will continue to be available to you on the EastWest Maps app and works in conjunction with location services. You won’t find this type of mapping on ViewRanger which is otherwise mostly an excellent app, but of course you can continue to use both apps. For tracking personally I would use a stand alone phone app or better still a basic Garmin gps device.

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