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EastWest Maps Android Update

Some users of our EastWest Maps phone app for Android devices may find it has stopped working on their device. If so, please go to the Google PlayStore and download an update. The current working version is v83.

Please note that this update does not include a facility to record a gps track. If you are using an older version of the app with this feature (v76), you may wish to keep it. If updating, be sure to export any tracks that you wish to save, before you update.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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  1. Elaine Byrne

    Hi – I purchased an EastWest map for Android for the first time earlier this month and saw the option to record tracks (and waypoints?), but the first time I used it, today (21 July 2020) I was puzzled to not find the facility. Now I have seen this notice and realise I must have updated to the latest version (v83). Why was the feature removed? Is there a plan to restore it in a later version?

    1. Barry Dalby

      Hi Elaine, the gpx tracking facility was removed for the reasons as explained earlier in Apart from this blog I sent out email to anyone on our contact list and via Facebook & Instagram, so you missed this I think. The app retains the necessary core functions of displaying map & location as you proceed. If you wish to track a walk, I suggest either a separate tracking app as mentioned in these or in fact I would use a basic Garmin device for this if you use this a lot. Much easier on batteries and run for days. Yes, we may restore gpx/ waypoint recording depending on developments but on Android phones in particular, it was causing grief due to the variation in Android on different manufacturer phones.

  2. Elaine Byrne

    Thanks Barry – just saw this now (and found your previous post just before that). I don’t really have a viable Garmin device any more, so will try a tracking app. If you can get recording back in the future that would be nice. Also, I don’t know if your app had live (‘breadcrumb’) track display before, and I’m trying to find an app to do that (Strava does not seem to(?))…hypothetical scenario: going off the map’s trail through difficult terrain and needing to retreat by retracing your steps.

  3. Barry Dalby

    Hi Elaine, a separate tracking app is good for recording your route and giving you statistics at end of the day, though they will use a fair bit of battery keeping track of your movements. So if using regularly I recommend a separate gps tracker device that runs on rechargeable AAs or AAAs.

  4. Elaine Byrne

    Thanks again Barry

  5. Elaine Byrne

    Update: I now realise I actually can see real-time tracking in Strava by tapping the ‘pin’ icon (duh!) (+Also installed ViewRanger to try out as a complementary tool on next hike)

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