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Comeragh Galtee Phone Map

The digital version of the Comeragh Galtee map is now available for the EastWest Maps app running on Android and iOS devices. The EastWest Maps app with test map of Clare Island is available free of charge from the AppStore or PlayStore. The Comeragh Galtee map is available from the app via an in app purchase costing €29.99 inc VAT at 23%.

This digital map covers 1700+ square kilometres and includes the three print maps: Comeragh, Knockmealdown & Galtee plus c200 square kilometres of additional coverage. Includes Sliabh na Muc and Bansha Woods which don’t fit fully on the Galtee print sheet.

The app & map works offline in the outdoors and when used with Location Services (GPS), will display both map and your current location, which is very useful when finding your way. Free updates will appear for this digital map on EastWest Maps periodically.

If you’ve already purchased the Comeragh Galtee map, this is a free update. To update:- open EastWest Maps app – ensure you’re online & logged in – hold your finger over the map title Comeragh Galtee – a menu will open – choose Delete – tap Download. The full map (233 MB) will then install.

Some answers to frequently asked questions!

– this map is only available for the EastWest Maps phone app.

– the format is not compatible with the ViewRanger app or Garmin devices.

– whilst the EastWest Maps app has similar core functions to the ViewRanger app, it does not have navigation functions per se. We will likely add some route planning facility in a future upgrade but overall our objective is to keep the core function of displaying map & location to the forefront.

– EastWest Maps does not run on desktop systems.

– planning a route is best done on paper editions of the maps where you can see a wider view.

– always carry a print version of the mapping, phone apps/ batteries can and do fail.

– note to iPhone users. Very occasionally the map display may turn black. If this happens, close the app, connect to the internet via mobile data or wi-fi, open the app and all will be restored. You can then disconnect from the internet, you only need a brief connection.