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Postal Rates Increase

The 1st March past saw an increase in postage charges from An Post. Earlier in the year, these were flagged as only affecting the cost of a normal letter stamp. However in practice, all Irish letter post was increased but more particularly overseas letter & package charges.

Having reviewed these, we’ve kept all postage charges to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as they were i.e. no increase. However for addresses outside Ireland, we’ve had to increase delivery charges. To give you an idea, a ‘letter’ to the USA enclosing three maps that would have cost €9.00 last February, has risen to €15.00 this month. Overseas orders outside the EU also require additional customs paperwork etc.

Details can be found in our ‘Ordering & FAQs’:

Residents of Northern Ireland should please note that delivery charges for NI are the same as the Republic. Instructions for NI customers are included in the above link so you can ensure that you are charged the same.