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North Wicklow Plot

North Wicklow Plot

This is to advise that steady progress is being made on three new map sheets covering the North Wicklow region. These are being prepared to our 25Series standard with a 5 metre contour interval and all rural housing depicted etc. The first three sheets covering South Wicklow (below Wicklow Gap) were published three years ago.

A map goes through various stages of which plotting the base detail plot is significant. I started into this area March 2020 during the first ‘lockdown’. And been at it more or less since, bar a few jobs for clients. So working from west to east, was pleased to see the last of the Irish Sea coast recently. Here’s a screen shot of part of the area, a complex interweave of hill, forest and suburban detail.

I’ll be sorting out some fieldwork during February, though of necessity that will be limited by Covid restrictions. In particular, there are a few areas of placenames that should be gone over again, however in person meetings are not possible. I will also be grateful to a few people that have offered to check some map detail queries locally within their 5km.

Further information to follow as to publication date and I hope to offer a pre order option for those looking for flat unfolded copies.