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Grid Label Error

Thanks to a couple of users who have pointed out a wee error in the letters applied to the grid labelling on our Wicklow West and Lugnaquilla & Glendalough maps.

This mainly affects the Wicklow West 1:25000 map and the letters used in the Irish Grid co-ordinate system. Please note that the grid numbers around the border are correct and that the diagram of the letters in the map legend is also correct. However some of the red coloured letters around the map frame are incorrect. To determine a grid reference in Irish Grid it is normal to prefix this with a letter, to determine this letter please refer to the diagram in the map legend and not to the red letters in the map border.

A similar issue affects a recent 2021 reprint of our Lugnaquilla & Glendalough 1:25,000 map – in this case it is only the letters on the right hand border that are misstated. As above the grid numbers themselves are correct as is the diagram in the map legend.

I’ve updated both layouts for any future printings. #eastwestmapping