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Some people love them, some people hate them. Some think they are elegant, others that they’re a blight on the landscape. Some think they are necessary, others that alternative technologies would suffice. Some say they are cost efficient, others that they’re never be built without subsidies.

I can appreciate the various sides of the debate. What I do know is that the first group of four wind turbines appeared hereabouts over at Kilbrannish about 2004. We went over to see them and thought them huge! They have now proliferated around the border area of Wicklow and Wexford with the current turbines being at least twice the size of the first installation twenty years ago.

I wonder what will happen when the technology is obsolete, will we have a post-industrial windfarm landscape left behind, as with many other industries that have come & gone over the years? For example, the TV Deflectors left littering the hills.

Either way, they all get mapped as significant features.