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Mountain Training 2023

If you’re starting out or would like to brush up on your hill navigation skills, get advice on equipment and generally learn to manage your hillwalks as safely as possible, then consider taking one or more of the excellent mountain skills or hill navigation courses in 2023. There are courses run around the country, so you shouldn’t need to travel too far. Here is a list of approved providers and there’s plenty of choice:

Maps from EastWest Mapping are often used on these courses where they are available, the detail and general accuracy helps practical lessons to be delivered. Some course providers supply maps on loan, others require the participant to purchase their own copy. If the latter, make sure you choose the encapsulated or laminated version where available. Apart from usefulness on the course, the map will serve you well for many years to come.

Here is a selection of photos from a variety of course providers in Wicklow and the South East.

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