Glendasan Glinnasaw

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An interesting snippet from the Liam Price Notebooks taken at Wicklow District Court on October 2nd 1935: "I got the true form of Glendasan. Christopher Lawler, carpenter, said in Wicklow Court 'I saw the girl when I was going out the Glinnasaw road – the road leading to Kildare' (from Glendalough) and 'it was on the Glinnasaw road, not the Glinmacanass road'" Price speculates that the name might come from Gleann na samhadh or Glen of the sorrel. Sorrel is a leafy plant like spinach used in older times as a vegetable. It might be added that talking to Paddy Byrne of Glendalough in 1938, Paddy referred to the Glendasan River, so clearly both names were in use in the 1930's.