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More Mayo Hills

More Mayo Hills

If you take the scenic road from Leenane around Killary, passing by Aasleagh Falls and on towards Delphi and Doolough, then you’ll pass these three hills on your right.

The nearest is Ben Gorm or Binn Ghorm, the blueish peak said to be named for the colour of the rock found there.

The furthest hill and one overlooking Doolough is the dramatic Ben Creggan, the rough or rocky peak. Ben Creggan though is locally better known as Tievenabinnian, Taobh na Binne – the side of the peak.

The middle one is known locally as the Middle Hill! Not named on any modern maps to date but that man again, William Bald recorded it as Maul Laur over 200 years ago. Maul Laur is a phonetic version of the Irish name in use at the time, Meall Láir – which means the middle or central lump or hill.

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