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Leo O’Connor

Leo O’Connor Aircrash

The Dublin & Wicklow uplands sometimes cause problems for aircraft in poor weather. I can think of seven aircrash sites off top of my head but only a few are marked or visible on the ground. One that can still be found lies about 600 metres north of the popular Table Track or Camenamulogue that links Glenmalure and Imaal.

Lieutenant Patrick Leo O’Connor, aged 20 perished here on 7th March 1957 whilst flying an Air Corps Provost aircraft. Parts of the fuselage and the remains of a 9 cylinder Alvis Leonidas rotary engine can be seen along with a memorial plaque erected by his family in 2010. There was a shrine and collection box in aid of his family for a number of years on the adjacent Table Track, however apparently following theft and vandalism, it was removed.