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Corcóg is a Hewitt

Corcóg is a Hewitt

The world of hill lists is mighty confusing with various differing lists in both imperial and metric measurements arranged by height. Munros are well enough known – that is hills/ mountains over 3000 feet in height. My original ‘bible’ by H.Mulholland published in 1980 listed 11 Irish Munros but apparently there are only 5 now!

Since Irish hills are generally lower in altitude, a noteworthy list was compiled in 1952 by the Rev Vandeleur and Joss Lynam which listed hills/ mountains over 2000 feet in height – some 156 of them.

The modern metric equivalent of sorts is the Arderin list, which are hills/ mountains over 500 metres in height (c1640 feet). This list is maintained by the MountainViews community and contains about 406 hills/ mountains.

The Hewitt has some equivalence to the Vandeleur/ Lynam standard as it also equates to hills/ mountains over 2000 feet. During recent survey work for our Connemara Mountains map (, several small differences were noted compared to the published spot heights by Ordnance Survey Ireland. This included the hill Corcóg in the Maumturk range which I measured at 611 metres but which was previously published as 609 metres. This small difference is enough to elevate Corcóg to the Hewitt or Vandeleur/ Lynam lists.

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