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Tough Paper

Photo here is of some ‘scrap’ Achill & Corraun maps which are printed on Enduro paper. We used them as floor protection when painting walls recently and they were then left out in the rain for two days. At which point, I shook them off and laid out in the sun – near as good as new and quite usable!

These aren’t laminated maps per se but the Enduro paper is tough and will handle a fair amount of abuse. Essentially you have a plastic substrate, on both sides of which is a paper surface that absorbs the printing ink. So this paper won’t fall apart like mush when it gets wet but.. it still does need some protection in a map case or two clear freezer bags, back to back. If you just fold the map and shove it in your pocket, then if it gets damp there is a risk that the paper surface will rub off. However as long as you don’t rub the damp surface, it doesn’t matter how wet it gets, it will dry out well afterwards.

Enduro paper is used on our Achill, Corraun & Clare Island, Wild Nephin and Blackstairs and Mount Leinster maps.