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Moanyer Well

Moanyer Well

Nestled in a clump of sedges and sphagnum, this little pool called Moanyer Well is deserving of it’s own name high up on the shoulder of Mount Leinster. It lies on the northern slope just below Moanyer, a summit turf bog that was extensively cut during The Emergency 1939-45. The council even had a road built up the mountain so small lorries could ferry the sods back down to heat & fuel houses.

Cutting turf then was by hand with a special spade called a sleán, footing done by hand and later gathering with a barrow to the waiting lorry. All thirsty work and needing a few breaks for tea and a rest. Which is where this small pool, Moanyer Well came into use as the nearest handy place to fill the kettle, to boil on a wee fire.

Long fallen out of use but still existing, you’ll find Moanyer marked on our Blackstairs and Mount Leinster map.

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