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Hiiker App Update

Hiiker App Update

Maps from EastWest Mapping are found on the Irish developed Hiiker phone app. You need a PRO+ subscription which also gives access to full OSi mapping and many other maps abroad.

Hiiker has just undergone a significant update in how maps are handled. Whereas previously you selected a map by publisher, now when your Hiiker app is updated, you’ll find instead a simpler choice between map styles.

There are three main styles in the PRO+ section: Hiking, National & Historical. To access maps, tap the download icon – ignore instructions re selecting area and just tap download/ install. On the Hiking map style, this will enable all digitally published EastWest Mapping maps. Likewise OSi /OSNI maps will appear under the National map style.

You can also play with the 3D Maps option, when enabled you’ll see a 3D representation of the shape of the ground. Helpful for planning and learning how to read contours. Here in this image, our mapping for Sauce Creek in Dingle is shown in both 2D & 3D.

Other functions such as route planning, track & waypoint recording stay as they were.

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