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Giant’s Chair

Giant’s Chair

The Blackstairs Challenge Walk is coming up in a few weeks time on the 20th May. It is 30+ kilometres in length and traverses the full range on the Carlow/ Wexford border. If you’re thinking of participating, make sure to equip yourself with our Blackstairs & Mount Leinster map, in plenty of time!! We do our best with last minute orders but far better to order in good time.

One place you won’t visit on this walk, though it is marked on our maps is the Giant’s Chair of Crannagh. This large granite boulder has weathered unusually and features two large basins. It’s like an armchair or bath chair where you plant your backside in the upper bowl and your legs fill the lower. There are many such features marked on our maps but generally you may wander off the beaten path to find them!

For more information on the Blackstairs Challenge – look up

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