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EastWest Mapping on Hiiker

EastWest Mapping compiles and publishes c8,500 square kilometres of good quality topographic mapping for selected parts of the Republic of Ireland. That is about 12% of the Republic and this will increase to c15% with the addition of Dingle in 2023. Apart from the individual paper maps we publish, all this mapping is exclusively available in digital form for the phone app Hiiker running on Apple and Android devices.

The Hiiker app facilitates route planning, with navigation assistance on the hill and track recording of your outings. Where phone coverage is poor, you can pre save a defined area of map detail for offline use where there is no phone signal. You should always have a print map & compass in your bag or pocket but there is no doubt that the phone app is very convenient for checking your progress and current location.

Hiiker works on a subscription model. To access all EastWest Mapping 1:25K maps, all OSi and OSNI 1:50K maps and all Harvey maps for Ireland plus many more outside the state, you need a PRO+ subscription. You can purchase an annual or three year subscription.

The subscription/ rental model on Hiiker represents very good value to the user in terms of features and the quantity of mapping available. It also yields a steadier return to both the app developer and map publisher, thus facilitating a process of continuous maintenance & development.

Hiiker has been developed and is managed in Ireland by people with an interest in the outdoors life and who understand what the customer needs and deserves. You won’t find our quality maps on OutdoorActive or MapMemory or Garmin etc – only on the Irish app Hiiker.

Look for Hiiker on the PlayStore or AppStore. For a full guide to Hiiker features – read

The EastWest Maps app will continue to function as long as your device allows but no further purchases are possible on it.

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