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Hiiker Web Planner

Digital versions of our maps are now found on the Hiiker app for Android & Apple devices. This is a subscription service and includes all maps from EastWest Mapping as well as Harvey and OSi and many others. The Hiiker app has many features, including tracking your route and measuring how far you’ve travelled and climbed etc. You can store maps or parts of maps on your phone, so that you can use them offline where there is no data coverage.

A new related service is web based and runs on any laptop or desktop system etc. Look up Using the same login details as for your Hiiker phone app, you can now view all your maps on a larger screen which makes it easier to plan routes and examine maps etc. You can plan a route using the same tools as on the phone app and get an idea of length and ascent. The web service and the phone app are synchronised, so that routes you plan on the large screen will appear on your phone app also – look under your Profile.

Please note that there will be no Print function for EastWest Mapping maps in the Hiiker web planner. There are many features in the Hiiker app and to get better advice on how to plan and follow routes and much more besides, look up

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