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EastWest Maps Customers to Hiiker

Important changes to EastWest Maps phone app. EastWest Mapping digital maps running on phone app EastWest Maps are migrating to a new Hiiker phone app.

Currently digital maps by Eastwest Mapping run on our phone app EastWest Maps. This app is limited in functionality and we are often asked by users for features such as route planning & tracking etc. We have decided that we can offer users a better experience by migrating our maps to a new version of the Hiiker app. This has been developed by Paul Finlay who also coded the EastWest Maps app. Hiiker is an Irish app but which has a worldwide reach.

The new Hiiker app will have route planning features, tracking and waypoint recording with import and export of gpx files etc. The Pro+ version will also offer several layers of premium mapping as well as the normal OSM and satellite layers. Premium maps for Irish users will include all published digital maps from EastWest Mapping, OSi & OSNI 1:50,000 mapping & Harvey Maps. If you travel outside the state, users will have access to mapping from OSGB Explore, IGN France & USGS USA etc. Essentially the new Hiiker app will offer functionality similar to that offered previously by ViewRanger.

There are two principal differences between the EastWest Maps & Hiiker apps. 1) EastWest Maps digital maps are stored entirely on your phone for offline use whereas on Hiiker the user needs to download and save an area for offline use, similar to many related apps. 2) Hiiker is a subscription service, an annual or three year subscription is required to access the full features and all the premium map layers as described above.

The advantages of this change for existing customers of EastWest Maps are that regardless of how many maps you currently ‘own’, you will now have access to all current & future digital maps from EastWest Maps as well as the full range of other detailed maps. You will also have considerably more functionality in terms of route planning and recording/ sharing of your trips. Furthermore the new Hiiker app will be under continuous development and will function on more and new devices. We think that the majority of our customers will find this a very satisfactory solution. To assist with this changeover, please note the following:

– the EastWest Maps app will still work and previously purchased maps will be accessible there, updated from time to time. However no further developments/ bug fixes will be made, so the app may cease to function in time.
– in app purchases of maps for EastWest Mapping are now ceased, so you will not be able to add more maps to the EastWest Maps app.
– digital maps by EastWest Mapping are exclusive to the new Hiiker app, they will not be available on other phone apps.
– the new Hiiker Pro+ subscription will be €59.99 annually or €129.99 for three years.
– to assist with switchover and to allow users to test the new Hiiker app, the following is offered to existing users of maps on EastWest Maps. If you currently ‘own’ 1-2 maps on EastWest Maps then you’ll be offered one free years subscription to Hiiker Pro+. If you currently ‘own’ 3-4 maps on EastWest Maps then you’ll be offered two free years subscription to Hiiker Pro+. If you currently ‘own’ 5+ maps on EastWest Maps then you’ll be offered three free years subscription to Hiiker Pro+. Please note the free Clare Island map is not counted for offers above.
you will be contacted via the email address used when you set up your EastWest Maps account in due course by Hiiker with instructions re changeover to the new Hiiker app. The offer of free subscriptions will be dated from then: one year, two year, three year. If you don’t receive this email, then the info from Hiiker will be posted here when it becomes available. So please check this link back in due course.
– whilst the subscription model is different from EastWest Maps, we believe it offers excellent value in terms of coverage and functionality to users. However if as an existing user, you are not satisfied with these new arrangements, then please contact EastWest Mapping to discuss full or partial refund on a case by case basis.