We are in the process of developing information for a series of loop walks

These will be published here online as well as in booklets, however work is currently sidelined as we are concentrating on new original maps. Depending on circumstances over the next year, we’ll review this and either complete this project or release what we have. Thanks for your patience.

The main characeristics will be:

"Coolattin Short one hour walks, half day & full day walks – Starting and finishing at the same location – Carefully selected for a good walking experience.

Family Walks: c.1 hour walks, safe, variety of terrain and of interest to younger children, buggies can be used where noted.

Rambles: c.1 to 4 hour walks, countryside, forest, low level and/or easy hillwalks. May include some road with traffic.

Hillwalks: 4 hours to full day walk. Require basic hill walking skills including ability to navigate by map & compass in poor visibility.

We’ll keep you informed in due course as these become available.