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Connemara Mountains Proof

The EastWest Mapping Connemara Mountains map on a desk with a magnifying glass

Connemara Mountains Proof

Just examining a printers proof of our new Connemara Mountains map whose production has been interrupted by Covid19 etc. Notwithstanding that self-praise is no praise, I can only say that it’s a great map! I’ve changed the colour relief settings both to lighten and increase the contrast for the contours but also to better reflect the landscape of the west. Combined with darker contours for rocky ground, this yields a good overall impression of the hills but there is also fantastic detail if you look for it – sublime in fact. This is complex ground and the 5 metre contour interval serves it well, you’ll not have seen any Irish hill map like this previously. There will be a dedication to the memory of the late Tim & Máiréad Robinson who were involved in maps of Connemara and on whose research, the placenames for this new map are partially based.

I’d hope it’ll be available for sale in latter part of June but that’s outside my hands. I will of course advise in due course. Finally this map is a ‘framer’. If you have a real interest in these mountains and/or maps, please note that I’ll only print a limited number of flat unfolded copies suitable for framing. These will be sold as part of a ‘full set’: paper folded, paper laminated, flat unfolded and digital version running on EastWest Maps app – proposed cost €100 inc VAT & delivery in Ireland. If you think you’ll want a flat copy in particular for framing, no harm to let me know via the contact form below in advance, so that I can put aside and advise you when available. Please note that flat copies will only be sold as part of this set and ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone’! Flat maps involve a lot of extra work in storing, packing and posting so I’m not carrying them as stock items for new publications – just for specials like this 12 Check out the location & coverage map here to view extent of print and digital editions.

The EastWest Mapping Connemara Mountains map coverage

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