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Pure Project

The Pure Project based in Wicklow and South Dublin is a great initiative. On the go now for 15+ years, their core objective is simple – to encourage respect for the natural environment of the region. PURE is your first call if you spot illegal dumping in Wicklow and South Dublin – report it to 1800 365123 or email [email protected] Their truck can be seen out & about collecting such material and if an area is kept clean, it’s less likely to attract more dumping.

Pure Project are also involved in several other initiatives to encourage local pride in the environment. There are a great many local community groups, local clubs and businesses affiliated to PURE who assist with tidying a specific area and/or engaging in litter picks. Ditto for educational work in local schools etc. The impact of all this activity is very noticeable in recent years compared to the amount of rubbish seen in the region a couple of decades ago.

The Pure Mile 2024 calendar from the Pure Project dropped into our letterbox this past week and features some of this work. We help here occasionally by providing map illustrations for Pure Mile brochures.

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