Volunteers to investigate placenames on the ground?

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If anyone would like to do a little placename investigation on the ground from time to time in Wicklow, please let me know. Oftimes, placenames contain clues as to their location which becomes clear when viewed on the hillside etc. An example to hand is on the southern flanks of Kippure: here we have three names from differing sources that seem to be linked (1) Askantriglugh – probably Easc na dtrí gloch, the marsh of the three rocks or Eiscín na dtrí gloch, the bog stream of the three rocks (2) Cruckandreeclough – probably Cruachán na dtrí gloch, the hill(side) of the three rocks and (3) Eskernacloughmore – probably Eiscín na gloch mhór, the bog stream of the large rock. The various streams here which coalesce to form the Liffey are all bouldery but we are looking for one stream/ boggy area or an area near one which is characterised by three large boulders. Boulders large enough to stand out and be a feature, lending their name to the area. Askantriglugh and Cruckandreeclough are clearly related by reference to the three boulders but note that Askantriglugh and Eskernacloughmore may also possibly be the same feature. It's not unsual for there to be variations in names like this e.g. a stream in Aughavannagh is variously called the Two Stone Brook or the White Stone Brook which at first glance seem to be different streams but on the ground this is easily understood as there are two prominent white stones on the banks of same. So, if you are interested in tramping around the streams and hillside on Kippure, let me know and I'll supply a map and what I know to date.