New editions of Dublin & North Wicklow Mountains and Lugnaquilla & Glendalough

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We have recently published second editions of two of our maps: 1) Dublin & North Wicklow Mountains and 2) Lugnaquilla & Glendalough. These are now available in standard folded format and we also have a small quantity of unfolded, flat sheets. Please note that you do not need to set up a user account if you do not wish to. Nor do you need to set up a PayPal account – see FAQ for further advice on this.

There are a number of changes to both sheets, probably more so to the Dublin map. The principal change is to a 10 metre contour interval by popular request. Do note however, that due to the method of contouring, not a lot of extra detail has been added. I've updated quite an amount of other topographic detail and there has been ongoing work in the matter of placenames. These maps are printed on Enduro paper – essentially paper with a plastic substrate, this should give better strength at folds and is practically untearable. There is an extra fold in the maps to reduce size.

I've been fortunate to meet a number of hill farmers in various districts since both maps were first published and as a result I've added and updated a good number of place names. This work is ongoing, it is time consuming if enjoyable and rewarding but as I neither seek nor receive any sort of funding for this, I can only devote a limited amount of time to it. It's a great pity, particularly in upland areas, that knowledge of these names is gradually leaking away with very little being done to record same. I've observed this in the areas that I've collected in and one must assume that it's the same countrywide.

No map is ever complete and I would very much appreciate when users of our maps spot errors, ommissions & new features, to please let me know via the contact form here or at 053 9377835. I know these exist as I spot them them in my own travels!!  

For those that have purchased either of these maps, from our website on or after 1st March 2013, I am happy to offer a free replacement if you post me a stamp addressed envelope. A standard C5 envelope should suffice with a €0.60 stamp for a single map and a €1.50 stamp for two map replacements. Sorry, I'm not able to cover purchases from shops in this period as I wouldn't be able to substantiate the claim.

I hope to have our map of Mount Leinster, Blackstairs and the Barrow Valley at 1:25,000 scale, published by end of April. Finally, I would like to thank you for your support in the past and hope that you will always continue to find something of interest in these maps.