Map Corrections: Wicklow

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I'm currently revising our Wicklow Mountains West sheet. This covers the Wicklow hills approximately from Sally Gap to Wicklow Gap and Luggala to Blessington.

If you've used this map and are aware of any errors or omissions on it, I'd appreciate a heads up. Just a rough indication of what & where the problem lies, so that I can check it out on the ground.

thanks Barry D

p.s. I get lots of feedback re Moanbane & Silsean and have been checking again with local people in adjacent valleys. I'll write a revised note based on this in due course but no real change. Essentially Silsean or Shileshawn is known to some on the Ballyknockan/ Kylebeg side as part of the northern side of the mountain. In the Kings River valley, the name is not recognised. They just call the whole hill Moan-vane. Note the pronounciation – it's like vain with the bh sound in Irish. Not bane as in the 'bane of my life'!